Death to the World - The Last True Rebellion



    The essence of philosophy lies in the fact that it imparts to man the remembrance of death - Basil the Great + 4th century

    The mind is first of all in wonder when it reflects on God's universal infinity and that inaccessible and greatly desired ocean. Next it is amazed at how from nothing He has brought into existence everything that is. But just as 'of His greatness there is no end', so is his wisdom unsearchable. - Monk Maximus +7th century

    Very many wish to be vouchsafed the Kingdom without labors, without struggles, without sweat; but this is impossible - St. Macarius of Egypt

    If you love the glories of men, and desire to be worshipped, and seek comfort, you are going off the path. You must be crucified with the Crucified One, suffer with Him that suffered, that you may be glorified with Him that is glorified. - St. Macarius of Egypt

    Why do men learn through pain and suffering, and not through pleasure and happiness? Very simply, because pleasure and happiness accustom one to satisfaction with the things given in this world, whereas pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitations of this world. - Fr. Seraphim Rose

    During times of affliction do not seek human consolation so that God may console you. - Elder Joseph the Hesychast

    One cannot hide anywhere from temptations except in the depths of humility. - Elder Macarius of Optina
    Zeal for work is, in fact, a measuring stick of spiritual advancement. Those striving to follow Christ measure the condition of their heart and their spiritual advancement in patience and humility by their zeal for work. If one has zeal for work, there is hope that you can acquire understanding of the other ABC's of spiritual life. Without love of labor one will never enter into the spiritual struggle nor understand the most elementary principles of spiritual combat. - St. John Cassian

    The shortest path to Christ is to bear one another's burdens. - Elder Ambrose of Optina

    Love towards one another without God cannot be love. And love towards God without loving others cannot be love. - St. Theophan

    A Christian carries his cross by being thankful and rejoicing in all sufferings. - The Arena

    The devil hath no other weapon so strong as despair. - Return to Confession

    Christian wisdom is in preserving faith in the Lord during times of temptation. - Elder Ambrose of Optina

    On our neighbor depends life and death of our soul. - The Arena

    When we offend our neighbor it is as if we are offending Christ Himself. - The Arena

    It's not our cares in life that are our problem, but how we relate to them. The sin is when we use the cares to fill our emptiness that comes from lack of love of God. - a paraphrase of St. Theophan

    It is impossible to build a house starting from the top. So also it is with the soul. Love for God is the roof of the house; therefore we must start with love for our neighbor and then build up to love for God. - The Arena

    Prayer rules and fasting without keeping the commandments will not save us. - Elder Ambrose of Optina

    Suffering is Christ's greatest gift. - The Arena

    If we cannot love our brother whom we have not seen, how can we love God whom we have not seen? - Counsels from the Holy Mountain (Elder Joseph the Hesychast?)

    I don't believe in the salvation of one who doesn't work for the salvation of others. - St. John Chrysostom

    If you always remember the Lord's Passion, you will unmurmuringly forbear everything. - St. Dimitri of Rostov

    Who are you hoping to win? the world or your soul? - The Arena

    True joy is quiet and constant. - Way of the Asetics

    Master your senses and protect them from corrosion as a warrior protects his weapons. - St. Ephraim the Syrian

    Consciousness of one's weakness, self-reproach, and patience are the three steps to humility. - Elder Ambrose
    Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity? - Job, chapter 2 verse 10

    Perfect humility of wisdom consists of bearing reproaches and dishonor and the rest which our Teacher Jesus suffered.... A sign of the fact that a man has touched on perfect prayer is the fact that he is no longer disturbed, even though the whole world might offend him. - Saints Barsunuphius and John

    When we pray and God delays in hearing (our prayer), He does this for our benefit, so as to teach us longsuffering; wherefore we need not become downcast, saying: "We prayed, and were not heard." God knows what is profitable for a man. Rejoice in the Lord, leave off all your cares, and pray for me, O beloved brother, one in spirit (with me). - Saints Barsunuphius and John


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